Basketball Camp in the scenic city of Budva, Montenegro

Enjoy both baskeball and the sea.  After strenuous training, you can relax on the beautiful beach and prepare for the new season while relaxing at an alluring waterpark at the Hotel Mediteran in Becici.
Join us for a round trip tour where you will meet new friends, enjoy visiting beautiful sites, and see why everyone thinks that Budva is a great destination.


You will play two practices a day in which you will improve your individual tactics and technique.
Of course, we have planned plenty of games, contests, and competitions. Our coaches will do their best to honor your wishes.


We have organized the camp at a beautiful gym.  This gym includes a modern fitness center where we will workout and do conditioning exercises.


There is also a restaurant and bar inside the gym where we will take our meals. The cooks prepare specially designed meals for athletes.


You will stay in a nice pension.  Each of the rooms will have between two to four beds, private toilet, a terrace, air conditioning, television, and Internet.  The rooms are just 50 meters away from the gym.

Included in the price 


Included in the price is the uniform. Everyone gets two t-shirts and one jersey with the camp logo, "Basketball Camp Budva 2014."


After our first three days of practice at the camp, we will go to the waterpark for a fun-filled day of adventure!

Road trip

Our planned itinerary for the road trip on day 7 includes the following:  
Budva -- St. Stefan Peninsula -- Petrovac -- St. Nikola Island -- Mogren Beach – Budva

We will organize a special round trip for Players at the camp.  This trip will be along the Budva rivieria where we will enjoy nearby towns and beaches.  This trip will include a stopover on the island of St. Nikola where we will have lunch and enjoy the water.

Special Offer 

We have a special price for the "Fun Games" event.  

Included in this offer are the room, food, and games.

Individual Practice

Individual practice for one or two players.  It is not held at the camp, and will be offered at the special price.


"Conditioning" will also be offered at a special price.

Please contact us for further details:

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